Birth Place – Haiku

How easily are

Men’s minds shaped by their birth place:

Bees born in a hive.


Power – Poetry

Why should I fear death when our meeting day is written?

I cannot be killed except by His Permission.

No one can hurt, harm or curse me.

Who can stand against me when I walk with the Lord of Mercy?

Old Paths – Poetry

Old paths are oft-travelled.

Even when they should be left untrodden.

Perhaps it is the comfort that is found,

In walking upon familiar ground.

But old paths are not best simply because

We used them yesterday.

Bread gains nothing with time,

Except rot and decay.

Anger – Poetry

Blaze! Burn! Blast! Break!

Shatter! Crash! Stamp! Smash!

Quake! Rage! Wreck! Raze!

Bash! Ruin! Destroy! Shake!

Blaze! Burn! Blast! Break!

Mirror – Poetry

You are my reflection:

the evil I see without


the evil I do not see within.

My Little One – Poetry

Full of light,

My little star,

Filled with laughter till ever after,

What a joy you are.

Yesterday is long forgotten,

Tomorrow filled with fun,

Sweets and silly games for treats are the occupation,

Of my little one.

Today is Waiting – Haiku

Yesterday is dead.

Tomorrow is not yet born.

Today is waiting.